21 Most Beautiful Places To Travel – BuzzFeed

“There is a cave at Coromandel Beach on the north island of New Zealand, which a mate and I stumbled upon. We were just swimming around the area jumping off this big rock into the sea and spotted a cave, so [we] swam in.

It was a small, tiny little cave. Easily wide enough for people to swim or kayak into, but it just didn’t go very deep into the cliff at all, maybe like 10 or 15 meters. But as it was so close to the beach, it had sand in it. It was like a mini beach with the waves lapping at the sand, and in semi-darkness with the cave mouth as the only source of light, it seemed kind of surreal. It was a nice surprise, and I think I’ll always remember the view from the back of the cave looking out to sea.”


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