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A city with no cars. It is quite hard to imagine but it is true. There are some places in the world where the chirping of birds is louder than car engines and honking. The pollution quotient decreases and you can enjoy nature at its best. A breath of fresh air also brings fresh perspectives to life. From Michigan to Germany, here are five places in the world which are car-free.

  • Mackinac, Michigan

Mackinac Island has also joined the long list of car-free zones in the world. Dating back to 1898, Lake Huron banned all motorised vehicles in this region. At present, it serves as the perfect destination for family gatherings nature lovers and history nerds. The only mode of transportation available in this region is bicycles and horse carriages. It scores full marks to ooze Americana vibes.

  • Fire Island, New York

Some say the island got its name due to a misspelling on a deed while others say pirates set fire to loot the island and that is how Fire Island got its name. It is located on the coast of Long Island. More than its name, the island is famous for its size. It is just 31 miles long with a quarter-mile wide. The roads are not wide enough to let a car pass. Large wagons are available to transfer and carry things to different places.

  • La Cumbrecita, Argentina

Situated in the Calamuchita Valley, Argentina’s La Cumbrecita is a quaint town. Only pedestrians are allowed in this village. Eco-tourism plays a major role here as it builds ways for hiking, forest trails, waterfalls and camping. Along with this, people can also walk at Rio del Medio bridge.

  • Hydra, Greece

If there’s a paradise on earth, that is Hydra. Located on the coast of the Aegean Sea, the beach offers pristine views. The cobbled streets are open only for pedestrians. Other tourist attractions are architecture, blue waters, bays and hiking paths.

  • Vauban, Germany

With a sustainability angle in the mind, this city was designed to flaunt nature. The town is eco-friendly, budget-friendly and socially active. The main aim behind this town was to make it a no-car town. The city centre does not encourage cars but for people who already have one, a zone has been dedicated for them to park their cars. Rewards are given to people or free tram rides.

The sites are iconic and have their own charisma. Making it a strict no-car place, they celebrate in union the idea of ‘where there is a will, there is a way’ to keep the environment clean and healthy.

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