Is the summer travel boom affecting your best hidden vacation spots? – USA TODAY

Whether it’s a small-town beach, a hike off the beaten path or a scenic campground to park an RV, many travelers have come to favor quiet, lesser-known spots on their vacations. But as travel demand spikes and social media helps destinations gain traction, travelers may find their favorite hidden gem is not so hidden after all.  

Travel company executives have been warning of a busy summer travel season for months. In April, Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian forecasted a “very strong summer” for travel driven by pent-up demand.

“And this is not just true at Delta. This is true within our industry. Hotels are seeing it, rental car companies, et cetera,” he said during the first-quarter earnings call. “So we feel pretty strongly that we’re going to continue to see the strong demand extend beyond just the normal summer surge.”

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The spike in demand is reflected in travel prices. Average daily hotel room rates in the U.S. are up 22% compared to 2019 according to hotel data firm STR, and Adobe Analytics found airfare for domestic flights in April was up 27% compared to 2019 levels.

Do you have a favorite, lesser-known vacation spot that has become more popular this year? We’d like to hear from you. Fill out the form below and let us know how crowds are affecting your favorite getaway.

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