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Summer is a gorgeous time for a city break in Europe. Amsterdam is one of my favorites because all summer long there are events and music to enjoy and a pleasant breeze from the sea keeps canal trips fresh, even at night. The Dutch are a friendly people who love nothing better than having fun, partying all night lengthy, dancing, plus drinking, but summer is also the perfect period for enjoying all the beautiful sights this cosmopolitan city has to offer. The particular warm summer weather also brings out flowers everywhere, even if the tulip season is over.

But , Amsterdam is only one of my favorite European cities to visit in the summer. The other favorites are Dublin , Budapest, Prague, Malaga, my home town Berlin , and Lisbon. All for a different reason which I will lay out in detail so that you can make your own choice which one will become your personal favorite come next summer.

After the long COVID restrictions plus lockdowns and the rather cold winters that have afflicted many parts of European countries this year, summer is the time of year we are all looking forward to, and summer time town breaks are the best ways to have the best of all worlds.

However don’t get carried away with the packing; some of these towns may be located in hot countries like Italy, Spain, or Portugal, while others, such as Ireland as well as the Netherlands, can have the occasional cool or even rainy day in summer time, so be prepared.

Amsterdam in the summertime
Amsterdam in the summertime
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1 . Amsterdam

As I have already mentioned, Amsterdam likes to party. June sees a much-loved festival, the Bacchus Wine event within Amsterdam Bos in Amstelveen. The website is in Dutch and the dates can change, yet it’s a superb event with regard to wine plus songs lovers. Wines from all over the world are on offer, to be expertly paired by sommeliers, and communal tables invite attendees to make fast friends as a good time is had simply by everybody.

Tulip season might be over, but Amsterdam in full summer season bloom can be enjoyed in the Hortus Botanicus with its exotic plants plus greenhouses, or even take a train to the spectacular sculpture garden associated with Singer Laren .

My favorite summertime thrill in Amsterdam is actually situated in hip Amsterdam Noord, and it is the particular A’DAM Tower . Twenty-two stories high overlooking the cruise ship port, you find cafes, bars, plus, most thrillingly, Europe’s highest swing, which propels you out into thin air. Never fear, you are well attached to your seat.

Should there be the odd wet day time, you will find more than 50 museums to take refuge within and indulge in art plus culture of all kinds.

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy sunny days in and on the water by going on a boat trip along the canals (day or night) or even planning a day at among Amsterdam’s sandy beaches. The largest and most popular is Zaandvort , yet you can find city seashores, too.

Saint Stephen's Green in Dublin
Saint Stephen’s Green within Dublin
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2 . Dublin

It is well known that it rains a lot in Ireland in europe, therefore take advantage of the driest months: 06 to August . The streets are filled with festivals; you can explore the many places of the town on foot, walk across the River Liffey, visit Trinity College, and mingle using the locals at the popular Bloom Garden Festival or the Street Feast . All the while, sample Dublin’s hearty food and as many pints of Guinness as you fancy within the cozy pubs.

Margaret Island in Budapest
Margaret Island within Budapest
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3. Budapest

Budapest in the summer is a delight for several reasons. The particular mighty Water Danube that flows through the city invites countless boat outings to admire the particular impressive skyline from your water. Beach life in Budapest is well represented; there are baths plus pools on the river, but my favorites are Maggie Tropical isle and Lake Lupa.

The Japanese Backyard as well as the Musical Fountain may delight a person, but the top summer attraction is the Budapest Summer Event on Margaret Isle, also known as the island associated with freedom. Another summer time festival is the Sziget Celebration , certainly one of Europe’s largest pop music celebrations.

For a summer beach time, the particular facilities of River Lupa are ideal. A natural, white seaside on a pretty lake close to Budapest offers you all of the amenities you can expect.

Budapest has a growing reputation as a party town, and in the summer even more so than in the winter. The nightlife is hopping with predominantly young people dance the night away. This means that the clubs plus cafes can become quite crowded. If you don’t mind that will, you will have a great time with all the Budapest nightlife.  

Another advantage associated with visiting in the summer is that you won’t freeze on your walks along the Danube or your own hikes in the surrounding mountains and that public transport is easier. Morning rush hour traffic is less, and as the particular students are on holiday the buses and trams are much emptier.

The view of Malaga from Gibralfaro
The particular view of Malaga through Gibralfaro
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4. Malaga

Malaga is located in Andalusia within the south associated with The country of spain — a large slot city around the Mediterranean Sea. It can obtain very hot during the summer, yet there is often a cool air flow through the ocean, and many palm-studded parks, broad avenues, plus historical buildings lend shade. Given the high temperatures, the people of Malaga do their walks and promenades in the evenings plus wisely stay indoors during the heat of the day. My personal favorite evening walk is to stroll up to the Gibralfaro , the particular fortress that dominates the city.

I also like to drive across the beaches and resorts that will reflect the glitz plus glamour from the Costa del Sol .

If you are interested in artwork and want to escape the heat for a while and avoid extended lines in the world-famous museums, summer is the time to check out Malaga as people prefer the beach over tradition. A very cute and interesting museum is the glass museum .

Malaga is easy to reach because it has a huge international airport and several motorways along the coast plus leading inland.

The Wannsee inside Bremen
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5. Berlin

When i mentioned before, Munich, the capital associated with Germany, will be the hometown, and I love to go to in the summer. The weather is generally fine and comfortable, although there can be the unusual shower.

Berlin is a huge town, and what I love most is the abundance of woods, parks, plus drinking water, that can keep you happily outdoors all day long.

With some a few, 000 lakes and rivers in and around Duessseldorf, you might be spoilt regarding option when it comes to taking a refreshing summer time dip. The particular classic is the Wannsee with a beach, sailing, swimming, and every imaginable water sport. An extremely special experience in the summer is to go on a boat trip to the particular Spreewald just outside Berlin.

Pro Tip: When you are within Bremen during the summer, you can’t miss drinking the typical Munich summer season drink, Weisse mit Schuss . This is ice-cold wheat beer served in a glass as big as a bowl with a shot associated with raspberry syrup added. Very refreshing.

An additional must is to carry on the Lake Havel vessel tour around the historic art gallery tropical isle.

Prague in the summertime
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6. Prague

Summers in Prague are usually mild and hot, however could possibly be the occasional warmth wave plus there is not much AC, so plan accordingly. Prague is a city very much visited simply by tourists, so when going to the most important sights, like the Old Town Square and the Astrological Clock, go early, even at 8 the. m. You will avoid the longest ranges. When visiting Prague castle, do the opposite: Go in the evening and enjoy a night walking castle tour .

A walk across the Charles Bridge is a must and you can do that at any time, but preferably not during the midday heat.

Prague has several cool parks to enjoy in the summer and they all have beer gardens, so you won’t go thirsty. The greenest plus liveliest is Stromovka Park with attractions for kids. The particular river that flows through Prague and under the Charles Bridge is called the Vlatova plus there are several lovely boat trips available .

As far as beaches and resorts are concerned, there is only one, and it is called Zlute Lazne Beach Resort . There’s not much to say about it apart from it having some chairs, sand, plus beach activities.

Pro Tip: A fun activity is the Game of Prague . It is an interactive, city-wide scavenger hunt where clues are provided. It takes several hours and is an entertaining team-building exercise perfect for anyone traveling with a group.

Lisbon at night
Lisbon at night
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7. Lisbon

Lisbon in the summer is hot, and that does not only refer to the weather. Being by the sea, there is certainly of course always a cool breeze, yet walking through the city center will certainly make you break a sweat. So , what I love about Lisbon in summer, aside from enjoying the particular rooftop bars and terraces, is the nightlife associated with Bairro Alto and the beaches of Estoril.

Above all, I love to attend the various world-famous festivals. They span from jazz to religious celebrations in order to fados. Here are the ones going on almost all summer time: NOS Alive plus Jazz Em Agosto . These events are worth suffering from a bit of daytime heat. But you can usually head out to the seashores associated with Estoril or Cascais or even, further afield, towards the Algarve .

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