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Though I was blessed to be marooned in New Zealand for two years during the pandemic, I greatly missed the ability to change countries and explore new horizons. As the COVID restrictions finally abate plus international travel resumes, I’m looking forward to making up for all the journey We skipped. As a full-time traveler, I have the luxury of time. So , when I think about the places I want to go, I am more interested in exploring different cultures and daily life than seeing tourist sites within specific cities (with a few exceptions). Here are some of the locations I’m looking towards discovering.

The waterfalls of Niagara Cascade situated in the north of La Reunion Island

Reunion Island is a small island near Madagascar and the perfect place to go during a trip to Africa.

Photo credit: Balate Dorin / Shutterstock. com

1 . Re-union Island

In 1993, I actually spent a year working in Paris, France. While there, I became friends with a wonderful colleague from Reunion Tropical isle. At the time, I had no idea where it was. Over time, my friend moved back to Re-union Isle, married, had a family, plus came to visit me in New York City, twice! We’ve been discussing that it’s my turn to lastly check out her country. It’s a small tropical isle close to Madagascar as well as the ideal ultimate solution for you during a visit to The african continent. I had formed planned to visit in 2020 once i had booked a gorilla trek within Uganda. I had developed to put those plans on hold, so I am now looking forward to picking them back up. Reunion Island boasts a volcano, excellent hiking, and beaches. We can’t wait to explore them all.

Pro Tip: The best time to visit is between May plus November. The drier, less humid season. January is typically a very wet month.

2 . Madagascar

Discovering wildlife in its natural habitat has been one of my favorite parts of traveling the world. Naturally, I actually can not wait around to see the lemurs. Apparently, there are many varieties of all of them! Madagascar is also known for producing vanilla, therefore learning more about it and its fabrication is something I’d like to do. Another allure is the Baobab trees. The variety of trees and shrubs and plants from one nation to another fascinates me personally and this tree is one I’d like to hug and see first-hand.

Madagascar is right near Re-union Tropical isle, making it the perfect place to go to when I get to that will part of the world. I loved the time in Southern Cameras plus can’t wait to learn a lot more from the African continent.

Professional Suggestion: Similar to Reunion Isle, Madagascar has a cyclone time of year at the beginning of the year. The optimum time to visit is Might through October.

Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Picture credit score: canyalcin or Shutterstock. possuindo

3. Turkey

Chicken has always held a special draw for me since I think of it as the country of East meets West. I’m excited to see the architecture, fabric patterns, and spices. Although I don’t want a Turkish carpet, We find them beautiful plus would love to see them in the markets. Of course , there’s the magic associated with flying carpets and magical towns within the sand through various movies that draw myself to this country, as well as Turkish coffee plus European food. I am curious to compare authentic Turkish meals with the European restaurants I’ve dined inside Nyc.

I’m eager to view the balloons in Cappadocia because it is one of the images that will stand out in my mind as a beautiful testament to traveling. I’d prefer to see it with my own eyes.

Pro Tip: Be prepared for the possibility of using a Turkish toilet — a simple hole in the ground. Whilst clean, they may not be comfortable to use if you’re used to a Western bathroom.

Koutoubia mosque, Marrakech, Morocco

The particular structures and colors of different Moroccan cities are also some thing I’d significantly want to see.

Photograph credit: Migel and Shutterstock. com

4. Morocco

Years ago, within Paris, france, I actually enjoyed the Moroccan Mint Tea within the fifth arrondissement. A man arrived with a tray on which was a beautiful glass cup and a teapot. In the cup were some pine nuts. I watched, amazed, as he raised the teapot high above the particular mug, plus poured, perfectly, to the top of the cup, without spilling. He then placed everything in front of me. It was one of the most delightful tea experiences I have ever had. That was the beginning of our desire to go to The other agents.  

We almost kept my 50th birthday party here but felt I wanted more than just a few days to explore this. I am called by the wonderful marketplaces, the blue city, and of course a camel ride into the desert. I’ve seen fine sand dunes in Peru, Namibia, and even Brand new Zealand, so viewing metropolitan areas on the sand will complement the experience with various landscapes. What I love about Morocco is how it’s part of Africa and yet close to Europe, while having an Arab influence. This conjoining of cultures is fascinating to me. I actually visited Israel years ago and was intrigued at how many different ethnicities, who we often observe fighting one another, live in peace in Jerusalem. The architecture and colours various Moroccan cities will also be something I’d greatly love to notice.  

Pro Tip: If you get lost in a Marrakech souk, ask families or women for help instead of young boys because they will insist on a large tip for their assist.

5. Montenegro

Years back I met a lovely couple from Montenegro and have wanted to find our way there ever since. I have invested so much amount of time in the particular classic areas of Western European countries that I’m desperate to discover Eastern Europe and the Balkans, exactly where I’ve spent no time at all. My family’s heritage is Far eastern European, therefore I’d like to gain a few insight into what it is like in that will section of the globe. Montenegro can also be completely sandwiched among other nations I’d prefer to explore by train such as Croatia, Albania, plus Budapest.

Professional Suggestion: Journey simply by teach can be nicer compared to vacation by bus.

Philippines, El Nido, Palawan Snorkeling

Palawan is a region associated with special interest with its gorgeous views and beaches.

Image credit score: Tetyana Dotsenko / Shutterstock. possuindo

6. Philippines

I have adored touring throughout Asia. It feels extremely safe as a female, solo tourist. I am looking towards seeing much more of it. The particular Philippines seems like an idyllic land of lush seashores plus vegetation. I’ve heard the people are wonderful as well. I’m looking forward to the feeling associated with serenity and relaxation around the beaches plus discovering the many islands that make me personally capable to take out my camera and eternalize the moments. Palawan is an area of special attention using its stunning sights plus beach locations. The idea of being able to spend infinite amounts of time exploring over 7, 000 islands is more than a little alluring.

Pro Tip: U. S. citizens can stay in the Philippines with regard to 59 days without a visa and can extend for up to six months.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Photo credit: Heather Markel or heatherbegins. com

seven. Argentina

There are some areas I wish to return to due to the fact I had fashioned fantastic encounters presently there. Inside 2019 We invested four months inside Argentina. Because I actually take a trip slowly, without a planned itinerary, I don’t get to every corner associated with any nation I visit. We often discover places I enjoy and stay for a while plus discover the particular culture, rather than trying to discover every single visitor site in a week. Four weeks in this amazing and huge country was not enough! I actually made several great buddies I’d want to find again and I want to explore some locations I didn’t the first time like Cordoba plus Puerto Madryn. Naturally , I would also like to enjoy a daily dose of yerba mate once again.

Professional Suggestion: Learn some Spanish before you go since you’re likely to encounter many people that don’t speak English, especially in smaller towns.

Table Mountain, South Africa

Table Mountain, South Africa

Picture credit score: Heather Markel and heatherbegins. possuindo

8. S. africa

We fell in love with seeing Desk Top mountain every day within Cape Town, and also have longed to return since the first check out in 2019. I am looking towards discovering some of the neighborhoods I got to know and getting to find the Gods Window this time, a view I actually missed the last period. This is a vast country full of wonderful people, animals, and scenery. I can not wait around to get returning to Shawl City plus make our method into more of The african continent.

Pro Tip: Don’t wander around Hat Town alone after dark.

9. Ecuador

While We spent 6 months meandering South America in 2019, I actually didn’t get to Ecuador. One cold afternoon, exploring Rotorua, New Zealand, I happened upon a market. A woman was selling colorful and fantastic jackets. She turned out to be through Ecuador. We had a wonderful conversation, within The spanish language, regarding the girl life and she invited myself to stay along with her in Brand new Zealand. I bought among the girl outdoor jackets and has been left with a fantastic experience leaving me wanting to learn more about the people associated with Ecuador. I love the vibrant clothing of South American countries plus cherished the particular rolling mountains which greeted me personally inside Colombia and Peru so traveling to Ecuador would be another opportunity to discover these scenery, shades, and discover something different than exactly what I have seen in a few of the some other South Us nations. Obviously, the Galápagos Islands are on my list too! Another thing I’d love to see is the creatures.  

Professional Suggestion: The weather may be colder compared to you expect.

Central Landmark Cathedral (Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady) located on the central plaza of Guadalajara

Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady within Guadalajara

Photograph credit: eskystudio / Shutterstock. com

ten. Mexico

This is a newer nation on the “I can’t wait to go” listing. For much of my life, We associated South america with getting “Montezuma’s Revenge” (diarrhea) after drinking water right now there. In more recent years, good friends have raved about Tulum and others possess invested a few months in places like Guadalajara, Oaxaca, plus Mexico City. I’m deeply in love with the particular colors and designs I see in Mexican artwork. This is an additional country that I know will have foods that tantalize our senses. I am eager to experience real Philippine cuisine as an alternative to the Tex-Mex that will I’m acquainted with in America.

Pro Tip: Do not drink tap water or even use ice cubes in your drinks. Montezuma’s Revenge is still around.

The truth is, I am excited to proceed everywhere! The opening associated with travel as well as the reduction of regulations is a welcome relief. The feet have been itching to obtain to roaming for a long time and I’m delighted to be able to let them lead myself in order to new destinations.

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