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So , it’s become an annual rite of summer – Shark 7 days on the Discovery Channel . A full week’s worth associated with programming devoted solely to one of the most magnificent, and dangerous, predators of the sea.

And you say you want to take a bite out of Shark Week yourself, do you?


Well, if you think you’ve got the chops for it – no pun intended – here are a few places to travel to for an up close and personal experience with sharks. And, as with all these encounters, it is best to do it with a company or a diver who is trained specifically for this.

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Cape Town, South Africa

Therefore , if you’re going to get it done, you might as well start with the best place and a site where Shark 7 days makes frequent trips. Falde Bay in Shawl City, S. africa – trust us, there’s nothing fake about False These types of – is legendary for being a place to dive with sharks. And if this article happens to spur on your adventurous side, seeing sharks is at is peak within South Africa through August.

The Bahamas

When you think of the particular Bahamas, sharks aren’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you have steel drums plus bikinis and rum-filled drinks running through your head. It should be, though. The particular Bahamas, particularly Tiger Beach, are a great place to see hammerheads, reef sharks plus, yes, tiger sharks.

Bahamas Tiger Beach shark
Caribbean Reef Shark around the Bahamas Gambling Seaside (photo via HakBak1979 / iStock or Getty Images Plus)


Speaking of paradise, absolutely nothing screams nirvana more than The hawaiian islands. But even Hawaii can have its share of shark activities. Maui might be a place for romance but it’s also one of the best jump sites with regard to spotting sharks. Look for a professional company in Lahaina yet one that doesn’t do a plethora associated with dive outings, because they seem to be more conducive to finding the potential predators.

Southern California

Want to stay close to home in the continental U. S.? No problem. You might be surprised to learn that will such beach areas from La Jolla all the way down to San Diego around the southern Ca coast are great locations to see sharks. Sharks have been known to track their prey completely down the coast until the hunted invariably runs from steam and is overwhelmed by the shark.


Yes, Scotland. Reason? This is your chance to observe one of the rarest sharks of all – and one that enjoys the particular cold waters – within the basking shark. They normally arrive in Scottish Bay in the summer.

Divers in a cage watch a great white shark in Australia
PHOTO: Divers in a cage watching a great white shark in Australia. (photo through izanbar/iStock/Getty Pictures Plus)

Australia and New Zealand

Finally, get yourself in order to Sydney plus Brand new Zealand for some of the very most spectacular shark sightings. You can see gambling sharks within Queensland, have a great white-colored encounter off the Great Barrier Saltwater, or travel to the southernmost point in New Zealand in a town called Bluff, where you can get in a cage and get as up close as a metal bar will allow with a shark.

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