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Back in February, Expedia Group CEO Peter Kern told Bloomberg that summer 2022 would be “the busiest travel season ever. ” That may have been a bit of an overly ambitious prediction (thanks largely to inflation), but the journey bug is certainly going around. According to a survey from ValuePenguin published in May, 73% of Americans had plans to travel this summer .

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But a lot of consumers will also be staying put at home to avoid the pitfalls associated with spending. The same ValuePenguin report found that of the particular People in america who will not be traveling come early july, 57% aren’t doing so because they can’t afford in order to. Clearly vacationing and living on a budget don’t exactly go hand in hand. Must it be that way? Can we not traveling in a way that accommodates a tight budget?  

Absolutely we can vacation on a tight budget —  this just depends on where all of us travel to (and from). Let’s explore a range of awesome but relatively cheap places going within Aug 2022 . Surely the price of your journey depends upon your location and other criteria, but you can get a good idea of how much (or little) it costs per day for a family to get by in style in beautiful plus, in many cases, exotic locations.  

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