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Ziro valley within Arunachal Pradesh has always been a much-loved hill station among tourists because of its stunning natural beauty. The spectacular lush greens and wide varieties of floras accompanied by mountains that boast of pine trees are soul captivating plus that’s the reason behind its recognition as World Heritage Site. Blessed with an outstanding scenic grandeur, appealing trekking tail, and steeped in melodious chirps of beautiful birds plus deep tranquillity- this place can make you immerse within breath-taking memories while making your vacation all memorable. Here are some magnificent locations going in Ziro for a reviving sojourn.

Kile Pakho

Situated just 7kms away from Ziro, Kile Pakho has panoramic beauty that can entice anyone. Its natural landscapes, rich meadows, and gorgeous ridges are a heaven for nature lovers. You must take a climb on the ridge to witness spectacular views associated with Ziro area on one side whilst snowy Himalayan ranges on the other side.

Kile Pakho


Prominent for its spectacular character plus blue pine trees, Midey is a place where you can behold the biggest pinus radiata tree in the Apatani Valley. Perched within lush bamboo groves, you can reach this particular location by trekking around the stunning trails. The particular unexploited tranquil environment will fill your own spirit with much-needed peace.

Meghna Cave Temple

Devoted to Lord Shiva, Meghna Give Temple is a beautiful place to gather all the spiritual vibes while enlightening your soul with the breeze of positivity. The intricate carvings associated with scriptures in Sanskrit and splendid architecture will take your own breath away. It is said that the temple is 5000 years old and is perched at a height of 300 feet. The particular scenic sights associated with dense evergreen forests plus rivers are worth the 10 minutes climb up the stairs.

Meghna Cave Temple

Talley Area Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary holds land of 337 sq . km and it is home in order to endangered leopards and exotic flora and fauna including ferns, orchids, bamboo bedding plus rhododendron that are a bliss to the sight. Built-in the year 1995, the particular haven consists of subtropical conifer jungles which are really worth visiting.

Do plan a small trip to Ziro valley and take a stroll towards the above-mentioned areas for an outstanding experience. Don’t forget to tell us your most-loved place in this hill train station.

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