TravelPulse Podcast: Millennials and Gen Z’s Place in Travel – TravelPulse

Welcome back to another episode of the TravelPulse Podcasting!

This week, TravelPulse Executive Editor Eric Bowman is on location at the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos resort for the Future Leaders in Journey Retreat . He is joined by Emma Weissmann , Managing Publisher at TravelAge West. Together the two discuss the latest trending news in the world of travel, including the massive rise in the number of complaints from air travel passengers, key destination updates and more.

Later in the show, Bowman plus Weissmann go more in-depth on what the Future Frontrunners in Traveling Retreat is all about and talk about millennials plus Style Z’s place in the journey industry today.

The discussion on the Potential Market leaders within Vacation Escape begins in the 16-minute mark.

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