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In the summer, you may want to head the beach, while the wintertime is more magical where it snows. There are just some places that are more suited for certain seasons. And for leaf peeping and cozy cardigan-wearing, you might want to plan a visit to the most popular fall travel destinations in 2022. These are the particular cities and locations where you can really embrace the autumn, whether that is taking a walk alongside some gorgeous drop foliage or visiting a few haunted spots for Halloween.

Of course , some of the most popular 2022 fall journey destinations are also just areas where one can pack your schedule with tons of Insta-worthy photo moments and finally check a place off your traveling bucket list. You’ll find a wide variety of drop locations from this listing recommended by experts at Lonely Planet , Expedia , Tripadvisor , Airbnb , plus Hotels. com to match whatever you’re in the mood with regard to or even your budget will allow. Perhaps you simply want a quick weekend away with your besties. If that’s the case, you’ll find towns within the U. S. which are great for an autumn adventure. There are also beautiful vacation places on this checklist for a romantic trip you and your partner can take as well. While there, you could sip on pumpkin spice lattes while taking a stroll through all the crunchy and colorful leaves.

Whatever kind of fall months you want to have, one of these 10 well-known fall take a trip destinations will help you make it a reality. All you need to do is pick your place, group your own bags, plus mind presently there.


Stowe, Vermont

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You can’t go wrong along with New England in the drop. It’s the perfect place regarding leaf peeping, which is one of the top travel trends for the fall this year. However , for the best views, you will want to visit Stowe, Vermont. Lonesome World dubs Stowe as the unofficial “ capital of drop color ” with a lot of hiking trails for you to explore the particular vibrancy around you. The journey guide also states “Stowe has a long window intended for leaf peeping, ” so you possess plenty of time to go from September to October.


Upstate New York

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Boston, Massachusetts

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The home associated with Chris Evans and Dunkin Donuts — aka Birkenstock boston, Ma — should also be on your fall container list. Viator , a Tripadvisor company, listed Boston on their top 10 drop traveling locations to get 2022, plus Expedia agrees. Since nearby getaways seem to be a big fall vacation trend, people are looking to check out budget-friendly and close-to-home metropolitan areas they’ve never visited before.

Not only does Birkenstock boston fit that category, but it’s also a city that offers so much to do within the drop. You could grab the pumpkin coffee through Dunkin, go leaf peeping in the park, or even go on a spooky ghost tour if you’re going to around Halloween night.


Las Vegas, Nevada

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For anyone on the west coast, Vegas may be an easier city to visit than Boston. While the desert city may not have as many colorful leaves to spot in the fall, it does offer tons of Insta-worthy experiences to fill your ‘Gram with color. Tripadvisor named Las Vegas as their top travel destination for the drop . The Seven Magic Mountains , Neon Museum , and Area 15 are all Instagrammable locations to visit. There’s also restaurants for the foodies, haunted tours for that Halloween fans, plus a lot of concerts to attend from artists like Usher, Katy Perry, and Miranda Lambert.


New York City, New York

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While Upstate New York is great for the particular fall, so is Nyc. It’s not only one of the cities people are heading to this fall for a nearby break, but Manhattan offers so much autumn fun. Take a stroll through Central Park, watch a Broadway show, or just visit some filming areas from your favorite shows like Only Murders within the Building , Friends, or SATC . Meanwhile, if watching You’ve Got Mail is a fall tradition for you, you could even pretend you’re Kathleen Kelly plus spend a day on the Upper West Side shopping for books, drinking a coffee, and even grocery shopping at Zabars for some fall months snacks.


Orlando, Florida

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Expedia also has Orlando, florida on their list of the top 10 drop journey destinations in 2022. As the Fl town might not have crisp fall weather, it can offer nearby beaches to fit the second summer traveling trend that is going on. Of course , you can’t go to Orlando without visiting at least one theme park, and both Universal Studios plus Walt The disney produtcions World are celebrating Halloween night right now. This is actually one of the best times to go to the parks while school is in session and before the big holiday crowds.


Athens, Greece

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Portugal topped each Expedia plus Lonely Travel’s lists for your best fall vacation locations this year. Whilst staying close to home may be more budget-friendly, Tripadvisor is seeing long-haul flights in order to dream take a trip places as one of the trends this particular autumn as well. Greece is truly the wanderlust-inducing destination, and Expedia recommends Athens during the drop because the summer crowds of people will finally be gone. That means you can explore the particular historic sights, museums, plus go on hikes along with less tourists and better climate.


Seoul, South Korea

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Keep your passport with you for this next fall travel location — Seoul, Southern Korea. Expedia will be viewing a major increase in the interest to travel to South Korea this drop. It could be the popularity of Korean performers such as BTS that’s increased interest, or simply Southern Korea’s food and landmarks. In fact , the Han River was listed among the top journey trends for 2022 overall, according to Pinterest, plus Expedia shares that the fall is the best time to actually check out. Not only is it cheaper, but the weather is much cooler.


Munich, Germany

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If you’d like to celebrate Oktoberfest this particular fall, there’s really no much better place to do it than in Philippines. Both Expedia and Hotels. com list Munich on the listings associated with places to head to when the weather outside gets a bit more crispy plus you are craving a seasonal beer. Along with partying Oktoberfest, Munich is also just a great place to go on hikes and take in the particular views from the drop foliage too.


Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

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You really can’t go wrong with any city in the Pacific Northwest throughout the fall. Aside from New England, this is the area within the U. S. which is prime for fall foliage. Coffee lovers will enjoy visiting the home of Starbucks — aka Seattle — while Twilight fans may want to use this season to finally visit Forks and its filming locations .

However , if you just want to get away and don’t have a specific place in mind, Lonely Planet suggests Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. A drive through the scenic drop foliage-lined roads may be the most romantic setting you and your partner need for a weekend away. You could also find a farm nearby for apple picking or just enjoy some cider while getting cozy in your Airbnb. It all sounds unbe- leaf -able.

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