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A scenic place full of beautiful haors, serene rivers, and culturally diverse monuments, Sunamganj, situated in the Sylhet division of north-eastern Bangladesh, is a place that travel enthusiasts will fall in love with. Whether you want to go for a single day tour or take your time to visit the particular gorgeous locations spread around the district, we recommend these six areas to be part of your next journey itinerary.  

Tanguar Haor

The place that is in everyone’s travelling wish list, Tanguar Haor is an unique wetland ecosystem located in the Dharmapash plus Tahirpur upazilas. Witness the particular haor turn into a large waterbody with strong waves within monsoon or even greet over 200 kinds of migratory birds inside winter; the wetland is a soothing sight for the tired urban eyes. To fully experience the magic associated with haors, reserve a boat and just roam around on the waters, see fishermen catch more than 140 species of fresh water fishes and witness the particular varied natural plus aquatic elements.

Surma Bridge

Also known as The particular Keane Link, built in 1936, Surma Bridge is one of the most iconic steel and iron architectures of Bangladesh. Standing on the Surma River, this bridge is 18 feet wide plus 1150 ft long. Roaming round the bridge as the day ends, while the river under is glowing in the moonlight is a visual treat for all travellers. Even with new bridges close to, the particular Surma Bridge still gives a nostalgic feeling of the bygone era.

Jadukata River

Originating in Meghalaya and flowing into Sunamganj, this particular river is close to Tanguar haor. If you want to see really blue oceans where even the water bed can be seen in shallow areas, then this is the lake for you. In monsoon this riv gets wider while in winter season the white sandy banks give it a wonderful picturesque panoramic element.

Barik Tila

On the bank associated with Jadukata Water, a small hillock of about 150 foot high is located named Barik Tila. The dividing point from the Bangladesh border along with India, one needs to go to the hillock to get a wider plus clearer view of both sides. From this side of the border, stunning panoramic views associated with mountains and forests of Meghalaya can be seen, giving this particular hillock an unique edge.    

Hason Raja Museum

Hason Raja, a Bangladeshi mystic poet plus songwriter, whose old house situated at the bank associated with Surma Lake within the Tegharia area, has been converted into a museum. This home holds a special place among followers of Raja as all his songs were composed in this location. Inside the museum, there is a photograph associated with Hason Raja, along with paintings by different artists, but the real attractions are the various items related to the particular memory from the poet including tables, chairs, colourful cloaks, sword, earthenware, etc .

Pagla Jame Mosque

Also called Raypur Boro Mosque, which is situated in the village of Raypur, Paschim Pagla union within south Sunamganj and integrated 1941. It’s a two storey building with three large domes plus six towering minarets and famous for its exquisite craftsmanship. Built entirely on bricks, without using any rods, other unique aspects of this mosque are the amazing crafted designs on the floor along with rare white-colored stones surrounded simply by blocks associated with black gemstones. The particular mihrab features elegant styles that are created by cutting gorgeous stones.

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