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COVID travel: More than 118 countries are now open for unvaccinated travellers

As countries across the world are easing COVID journey restrictions, more and more people have resumed their traveling plans. It is expected that the trend is likely to boost global tourism and help in reviving local economies too.

If reports are to go by, more than 118 destinations are now welcoming holidaymakers without any limitations.

Reportedly, fully vaccinated passengers to Abu Dhabi do not even need to take a PCR test before flying, whereas it’s also not required for those holding the COVID-19 recovery certificate issued within 30 days.

Reports have it that this removal of vacation restrictions in these countries is an acknowledgement that we are stepping into a new phase of this pandemic, where things are expected to become more stable.

Among the nations that have eased arrival policies are Canada, Japan, Bhutan, New Zealand, the Bahamas and more. Similarly, some of the destinations are still not open to unvaccinated visitors like the United States of America, mainland China, Indonesia, the particular Philippines and much more.

Referring to this new development, experts are of the view that there is a deeper understanding of the virus now and that there are several vaccinations available that offer protection. Experts added that vacationers, who were earlier bothered about getting infected have now become more confident and have begun planning their own trips.

However , the downside of all of this is the price rise in flight tickets. Airfares have got skyrocketed due to the sudden within demand, though it has not really yet discouraged avid tourists to go ahead with programs.

In case reports are usually to put into practice, worldwide take a trip plus travel and leisure sectors are projected to return in order to pre-pandemic levels in 2023.

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