How to Write Wrestling News Articles

Wrestling News

Wrestling News is a website devoted to covering the world of professional wrestling. It is one of the leading sources in the industry with a talented team working around the clock to bring you the best wrestling news, rumors and information available.

When writing articles about a wrestler or character, be sure to include the necessary verifiable sources with inline citations to avoid omitting key facts that are relevant to the story. For example, a wrestling superstar’s estimated match time allotment is a key piece of information that should never be skimped on.

Including the correct percent sign in writing is also an important part of maintaining accuracy, and should be done consistently throughout the article. This is particularly important when using the percent sign in conjunction with numbers, which can be misleading if a writer uses them incorrectly.

For titles held by a wrestler, be sure to include the title in the article, and the reign number of the champion in the table format. The number of times a wrestler has won a title should be listed as well, along with the date when they won it.

In addition to the championships, a list of accomplishments and awards should be included. This is especially important for non-wrestling personalities, as it provides an overview of a person’s career.

The final section should contain external links to official websites, profiles on IMDb and other relevant websites. This is not mandatory, but it can be useful to include links where appropriate.